Welcome to Labour24

Our national network of highly qualified legal and HR experts means we are able to customize labour and employment law solutions to suit the needs of your company or business.

Our Training Solutions 

South Africa's leading labour law trainer for over 20 years. 

Labour24 provides training that is relevant, accessible and practical – our content is developed by experienced attorneys who understand what businesses really need, and how to manage workplace and courtroom strategy.  

We are able to offer in-house training to groups of 10 or more people, and run an innovative annual program of public workshops where we tackle the latest labour and employment issues.

Our Training Programmes include: 

  • THE A – Z OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS (Accredited) - Every employment topic under the sun. A superb introduction aimed at line managers, junior and senior.
  • RULES OF ENGAGEMENT - Watertight contracting of employees including “write stuff” the nuts and bolts of independent, fixed term, Labour broking and employment contracting.  
  • THE PROSECUTOR (Accredited) - How to investigate, charge, plan and present a watertight misconduct case.             
  • HOW TO CHAIR DISCIPLINARY ENQUIRIES (Accredited) -Objective, fact based determinations that can withstand any challenge.     
  • ETHICS IN THE WORKPLACE - Honesty in all its forms. How extensive can 'probity checks' be, what does ethical behavior at work entail? What is loyalty?       
  • DISHONESTY AT WORK - More “operational” than “Ethics” including: interception, theft, fraud, polygraphs and hearings in absentia.     
  • THE “BIG 5” - Understanding and managing most common forms of misconduct, absenteeism, assault, dishonesty, insubordination & intoxication.
  • A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A MANAGER - Strategic Labour Law knowledge for line managers - from contracts to dismissal.
  • THE SICK, THE LAME AND THE LAZY - Managing poor work performance, illness, injury and disability.

  • FAIR AND UNFAIR LABOUR PRACTICES; Equal work for Equal Pay - Promotion, demotion, training, whistle blowing, etc.     
  • SEXUAL HARASSMENT - The Code; the cases and best practice.
  • NEGOTIATING SKILLS - Strategic handling of collective bargaining.            
  • RESTRUCTURING AND RETRENCHMENT - Section 189 Consultation and retrenchment; S197 transfers, outsourcing and insourcing, changing terms and conditions of employer.  
  • PRACTICAL ARBITRATION SKILLS - Preparing for battle at the CCMA.       
  • “STAFF WARS” - Change Management and implementing difficult changes to work practices terms and conditions including salary, benefits, demotions and transfers. How to avoid unfair labour practices.


For more information, contact the office at: reception@labour24.co.za